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If you are in need of cut vinyl decals or letters for your business or for a special project Stigler Printing has you covered.  Remember we’re only a phone call away at 918-967-8768. 

Helpful tips

Cut vinyl letters can be applied to a variety of smooth polished surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, chrome, and high gloss smooth, painted surfaces.

SURFACE PREPARATION For proper adhesion the surface must be clean and dry. This product will not adhere properly to grease, oil, or dirt.

  • Mineral spirits, heptane or V.M. & P naphtha can be used to remove grease and oil.
  • Mild soaps or detergents warm water and soft cloth will clean the surface prior to application.
  • An ammonia based window cleaner must be used on all glass surfaces.

For best results, application surface and material should be at 50° F or above.

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