Newspaper Printing

• Pictured 1/2 folded  11.38T x 11.5W 

• Opens to 11.38T x 23W

• 1/4 Folds to 11.38T x 5.75W

• Smallest and most popular size

• Pictured flat 11.38W x 17T

• Printed folded to 11.38W x 8.5T

• Opens to 11.38T x 22.75W Wide

•  Largest and most versatile size

• Pictured flat 22.75T x 11.5W

• Opens to 22.75T x 23W

• 1/2Folds to 11.5W x 11.38T

• 1/4Folds to 11.5W x 5.69T

• Largest and most traditional size

• Pictured flat 11W x 17T

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What are Customer's Saying?

"I want to express my gratitude to you and your team for producing this awesome publication for us. We realize what a crunch we put you in and want to thank you for printing and providing us with quick and trusted guidance during this process. They look amazing - We can't thank you enough!"
Gabe Sacco + Artspace Team


Advantages of working Stigler Printing

  • Stigler Printing's newspaper print specialists will manage your job from start to finish and help you stay within your budget while meeting your complete newspaper printing expectations.
  • Consistent and reliable print quality.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Flexible scheduling to help maximize the success of your newspaper.
  • No pricing surprises. Quality guaranteed.
  • Beginning-to-end print and mailing services all under one roof.
  • Family owned and operated since 1948.
  • All products are made in the USA. We are located in Stigler, Oklahoma.

We offer

  • 20 broadsheet pages or 40 tabloid pages in one section.
  • 8 color broadsheet pages or 16 color tabloid pages in one section.
  • Current press runs range from 1 to 1,000,000 copies.

Specializing In

  • Tabloid Newspaper Printing
  • Broadsheet Newspaper Printing
  • Tribal Newspaper Printing
  • Grocery Store Insert and Circular Printing
  • Movie Prop Newspaper Printing
  • Spanish Newspaper Printing
  • Event and Special Occasion Newspaper Printing
  • Retain Insert Newspaper Printing
  • Pony Tabloid Newspaper Printing
  • Stitch and Trim Newspaper Printing
  • School Schedule Newspaper Printing
  • School Newspaper
  • College Newspaper
  • Flexy Newspaper
  • Periodical Newspaper Printing
  • Business Journal Newspaper Printing
  • Gazette Newspaper Printing
  • Political Newspaper Printing
  • Business to Business Newspaper Printing
  • Town Hall Newspaper Printing
  • Village Newspaper Printing
  • Park District Newspaper Printing
  • Community Newspaper Printing
  • Church Newspaper Printing
  • Wedding Newspaper Printing
  • Supermarket Insert and Circular Printing
  • Association Newspaper Printing


Advantages of working with Stigler Printing

Are you considering starting a newspaper but don't have much experience? Take advantage of Stigler Printing's free 30-minute start-up newspaper printing consultation. Starting a new publication, especially a newspaper, can be a daunting task. Questions such as page size, column width, and font styles are just some of the questions that Stigler Printing can help you answer. At Stigler Printing each relationship begins with a free consultation. We listen to our customers and offer suggestions that help meet their expectations. At Stigler Printing we also offer free technical newspaper printing support. If you need help simply call us and a representative will answer any question you have.

 Rewards of Owning a Newspaper

The digital age has brought us modern conveniences that we could have only dreamed of before but you can't replace the benefits of a tangible newspaper.  If you are a community leader or someone who enjoys writing or sharing important news then newspaper printing might be a good business for you. Newspaper publishing can be a great way to create unique relationships with schools, clubs, organizations, civic leaders, and people in the community who would like to share important news. Newspaper printing can also be a profitable venture. With very little investment your newspaper can provide valuable advertising space to businesses that are looking for more traditional forms of advertising. Newspaper printing might be one of the most rewarding and least expensive business ventures you have ever started.

Keys to Publishing a Community Newspaper

Printing and publishing a newspaper can be a rewarding and very challenging business venture. Before you print your newspaper you may need to consider the following keys to your newspaper success.

• Relationships are crucial to the success of your newspaper. Begin by visiting with business leaders, school leaders, and civic leaders and ask them what information they feel is missing in the community. 

• Research the local media competition and establish a rate card for your newspaper advertising. 

• Establish a name and design for your newspaper. Consider visiting with community leaders and asking for their advice. Allowing the community to become part of the design will help establish a meaningful dialog that may lead to the success of your newspaper.

• Printing a newspaper means being organized. Consider creating an editorial calendar based on events and stories you plan to write. 

* Publishing a newspaper requires you to be creative not only with your design but also with time management. Consider asking for help from the community taking picures and submitting them for publication. If you are lucky you might find someone else who enjoys writing and can help you add important content to your printed newspaper.

• Distribution will be one of the keys to the success of your community newspaper. Consider investing in a few coin machines and visiting high traffic areas such as convenience stores and asking how you can begin distributing your newspaper in their stores.

Do You Need Design Help? (30 Minutes On Us)

Stigler Printing offers training for those who may want to learn how to design their own newspaper. Stigler Printing offers free 30-minute design training courses for customers interested in learning the benefits and freedom of being able to design their own publications. Chat online or call today to learn more. 918-967-8768

Need Samples?

At Stigler Printing we ship samples to new and prospective customers every day of past jobs. If you are curious about our quality of work or simply wish to review a paper grade please call or chat online with us today. We are only a phone call away. 918-967-8768.

Need Help Designing a Newspaper Template?

Stigler Printing offers 30 minutes of free newspaper design training for those who want to learn how to use Stigler Printing's proprietary newspaper template software. These 30-minute design training courses cover all of the design studio features available to our customers. Chat online or call today to learn more. 918-967-8768

Design your custom newspaper with Stigler Printing's predesigned templates.

Stigler Printing's newspaper templates are an excellent way to make a tabloid or broadsheet newspaper completely online. With little or no experience you can design your own newspaper. Simply click the "choose template" above to access Stigler Printing's tabloid and broadsheet template and start designing your own newspaper today.

Broadsheet Newspaper Printing

Broadsheet newspapers are the most traditional format for newspaper printing. Broadsheet newspapers from Stigler Printing are 22.75 x 11.5 when flat and can be half folded to 11.375 x 11.5.  Custom broadsheet newspapers from Stigler Printing are perfect for community newspapers and periodical newspapers.

Tabloid Newspaper Printing

Stigler Printing offers tabloid printing in 11.5 x 11.38 and 11 x 11.38 sizes. Known primarily as being a more personal format than traditional broadsheets tabloids are also easier to handle and more portable.

Single Sheet Newspaper

Single sheet newspapers are perfect for celebrating a historic or significant newspaper front page. Single sheet newspapers can be gifts to players of teams or members from an important newspaper photo. Perfect for framing single sheet newspapers from Stigler Printing are a great way to share and preserve a memory.

Print Your Own Newspaper

Printing your own custom tabloid or broadsheet newspaper can be a rewarding and profitable business venture. Printing a newspaper is inexpensive to start and with Stigler Printing's newspaper template designs you can create a newspaper in just a few hours. Each day the newspaper customer care team works with established and start-up newspapers. If you are curious about how to make your own newspaper consider taking advantage of our "30 Minutes On Us" offer.   

Newspaper Printing is ECO Friendly

When compared with gloss products broadsheet and tabloid newspapers are much easier to recycle making newspapers a smart paper choice. 

Custom Broadsheet and Tabloid Newspaper are Cost-Effective

If you compare the cost of printing a custom tabloid and broadsheet newspaper versus magazines and booklets the choice is clear. Newspaper printing is much more cost-effective and depending on the quantity and the page count you might be missing out on considerable savings by choosing to print a newspaper. 

Printing your Tabloid and Broadsheet Newspaper and Mailing Bulk Saturation.

Everyday Stigler Printing helps customer mail their newspaper products across the USA. Stigler Printing offers bulk saturation mailing for those customers who wish to send to every resident by zip code and by route. If your considering a bulk saturation mailing we encourage you to contact a Stigler Printing newspaper print specialist who can share important demographic information about your area and help maximize the potential of your customer newspaper publication. 

School Newspaper Printing

For over 40 years Stigler Printing has provided newspaper printing for schools and colleges. Printing custom school newspaper from Stigler Printing is easy to order and can be an inexpensive way to share current and upcoming events at your school or college. Stigler Printing also offers free training and technical support to our customer and are always happy to share knowledge to the next generation of journalist or communication majors. Order your school newspaper or college newspaper today.

Movie and theatre Prop Newspapers

Stigler Printing is proud to offer custom newspapers for movies and theatres. Whether you need a single copy or a small bundle Stigler Printing has you covered. Need help designing a vintage-looking propr paper or help designing your front page to match your script simply contact us today and enjoy a 30-minute free consultation with a newspaper printing specialist and designer.  


Typical Newspaper Questions

At Stigler Printing our newspaper print services team prefers to receive PDF files. When creating your newspaper printing PDF please make sure it is saved in CMYK mode with black text only.

At Stigler Printing we prefer to receive PDF files. When creating your PDF please make sure it is saved in CMYK mode with black text only.

At Stigler Printing we prefer to receive PDF files. When creating your PDF please make sure it is saved in CMYK mode with black text only.

At Stigler Printing we prefer to receive PDF files. When creating your PDF please make sure it is saved in CMYK mode with black text only.

At Stigler Printing we prefer to receive PDF files. When creating your PDF please make sure it is saved in CMYK mode with black text only.

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