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Are you considering starting a newspaper but don't have much experience? Take advantage of Stigler Printing's free 30-minute start-up consultation.

Starting a new publication, especially a newspaper, can be a daunting task. Questions such as page size, column width, and font styles are just some of the questions that Stigler Printing can help you answer. At Stigler Printing each relationship begins with a free consultation. We listen to our customers and offer suggestions that help meet their expectations. At Stigler Printing we also offer free technical support. If you need help simply call us and a representative will answer any question you have. 



Stigler Printing offers complete design services as card card-body as training for those who may want to learn how to design their own newspaper. Stigler Printing offers free 30-minute design training courses for customers interested in learning the benefits and freedom of being able to design their own publications. Break the mold from online templates and learn how to design a publication that is a genuine reflection of your brand. Chat online or call today to learn more. 



At Stigler Printing we realize that sometimes technology can be challenging to keep up with. Stigler Printing offers a 30-minute free technical consultation to discuss the hardware you are using and help diagnose any technical issue you may be experiencing. Call us today and learn why more and more customers are turning to Stigler Printing for all their newspaper printing needs. 



At Stigler Printing we ship samples to new and prospective customers every day. If you are curious about our quality of work or simply wish to review a paper grade please call or chat online with us today. We are only a phone call away. 918-967-8768. 


Typical Newspaper Questions

1. "What type of file should I submit?"

At Stigler Printing we prefer to receive PDF files. When creating your PDF please make sure it is saved in CMYK mode with black text only. 


2. "How much does it cost to ship my newspaper to me?"

Inside the pricing calculator above is a "zip code" field. Simply put in your zip code and click the orange calculate button below. Within seconds you will have access to a drop-down menu providing our different UPS options. If you don't see the option you are looking for contact us and we will help you find the shipping option that best suits your needs.


3. "Can I use my UPS or FedEx account?"

Absolutely, once you have completed your order contact us with your account information and we will take care of the rest. 


4. "Can Stigler Printing ship to multiple locations in multiple states?" Yes, we can batch ship your product to any location in the USA including Canada.


5. "Can Stigler Printing trim my publication to a custom size?"

Yes, Stigler Printing will trim your publication to a variety of different sizes. If your publication requires special trimming please call us today so that we can understand your unique printing needs.


6. "Can Stigler Printing trim and staple my newspaper?"

Yes, this type of bindery requires and extra step for us to complete and may increase your turn around time. If you are interested in learning more about our "stitch and trim" capabilities please call us today to discuss your project and receive a custom quote. 


7. "I have a front page I would like to reproduce." Can you print just one copy?"

Yes, simply message us via chat in the bottom right-hand corner and we will be glad to help. 


8. "Can I print just one front page?"

Yes, Stigler Printing offers single-sided front page copies on newsprint in an 11 x 17 sign. Please chat live now to get your order started. 


 9. "I have a mailing list but need help with bad addresses."

Stigler Printing offers turn-key mailing solutions for customers including a free mailing list scan. List scanning helps identify bad addresses and can identify costly mailing mistakes.  Call today and start your free mailing consultation now.


10. " I have a list that needs to have a NCOA or National Change of Address scan done. Can Stigler Printing help me?"

Yes, Stigler Printing offers NCOA scanning for new and existing customers. Call us today to learn more about this important service.


11. " I have been printing a newspaper but the quality and pictures reproduce poorly. Can Stigler Printing help?

At Stigler Printing we believe in the importance of customer service and carefully reviewing customer files for reproduction problems. Most reproduction issues are due to photographs not being lightened for web offset presses. At Stigler Printing customer care representatives will contact you if there are problems with your files and also help correct them for you if necessary. Don't worry, your in good hands with Stigler Printing.





Features and Advantages of Stigler Printing?

Stigler Printing customer care experts will manage your job from start to finish and help you stay within your budget while meeting your complete newspaper printing expectations. 
  • Highly cost-effective methods
  • Quick turnaround time
  • End-to-end print and mailing services
  • Stress-free workflow
  • Abilities for customized requirements
We offer:
  • 20 broadsheet pages or 40 tabloid pages in one section.
  • 12 color broadsheet pages or 24 color tabloid pages in one section.
  • Current press runs range from 500 to 1,000,000 copies.
Newspaper Printing Equipment:
  • 12-unit Harris press with speeds up to 25K per hr. 
  • 9-unit Harris press with speeds up to 25K per hr.
  • 2 Computer to Plate (CTP) systems. Rock Built In-line trimmer. Muller inserting equipment. Kirk Rudy inkjet labeling equipment. HP color proofing.
Start printing your newspaper with Stigler Printing and find out why more and more newspapers trust Stigler Printing with their publications. 


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