Why Choose Stigler Printing to print your business journal?

If you are a public relations professional or marketing director you know the importance of having a reliable printing partner. When business journals aren't delivered on time it can be costly for you and the journal. Even worse, a missed deadline could jeopardize an important timed event. At Stigler Printing we understand the importance getting your business journal printed and shipped on time. Working with Stigler Printing means your association newspaper project will be assigned to a project manager who at anytime can tell you where your newspaper is in our plant. We start by working one on one to create a printing schedule that works for you so you never have to worry about when your business journal is completed. Our mission is to create a stress free workflow that builds strong partnerships with our customers. Call us today to find out why more and more people are looking to Stigler Printing for business journal printing needs. 

Printing Capabilities:

20 broadsheet pages in one section or 40 tabloid pages in one section.

Color Capabilities:

12 color broadsheet pages in one section or 24 color tabloid pages in one section.

Current press runs range from 500 to 1,000,000 copies.

Newspaper Printing Equiptment:

12-unit Harris press with speeds up to 25K per hr. 

9-unit Harris press with speeds up to 25K per hr.

2 Computer to Plate (CTP) systems. Rock Built In-line trimmer. Muller inserting inquipment. Kirk Rudy ink jet labeling equipment. HP color proofing.