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Product Overview


There are many reasons why more and more Native American tribes are using Stigler Printing to print their tribal newspapers.

Since 1983 Stigler Printing has been providing quality newspaper printing and mailing services for Native American tribes across the country. We are honored to the vendor that helps delivery vital communication to tribal members about programs, language, culture, opportunities, events, and much more.  


At Stigler Printing we are a firm believer in tribal newspapers. Our approach is simple. In the beginning, we start by listening. We then try to determine how we can save money. Many times changing the size or grade of paper can reduce expenses. Often simply evaluating the postal delivery method will reveal ways to save money. In almost every case we are able to save our customers money and help improve their quality.


When choosing which newspaper is the best fit consider using the pricing calculator above. We offer one standard broadsheet and three tabloid newspaper format options. Remember, if the quantity you are looking for is not available consider clicking on the "custom estimate" link above. Once you have submitted your estimate request a print specialist will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project.


If you find the format and quantity you are looking for simply click "Start Your Checkout Process". Next, upload your files and checkout. Once completed a Stigler Printing customer care representative will download your files and move the project to our prepress department. At that time we will evaluate your tribal newspapers for any low-resolution images, color problems, missing page numbers, missing links and 4 color black problems. If we detect any problems with your tribal newspaper we will contact you immediately and discuss a solution.


At Stigler Printing we want to make your tribal newspaper is printed at the highest quality level possible. Once your tribal newspaper has completed the prepress evaluation it will be scheduled for press time. At that time a print specialist will contact you to discuss the project completion date and estimated shipping date. We realize that your tribal newspaper is time sensitive and we will do everything possible to respect your expectations. 


We hope you will consider using Stigler Printing's Tribal newspaper printing and mailing services. Remember, we are only a phone call away if you have any questions.

Printing Capabilities:

20 broadsheet pages in one section or 40 tabloid pages in one section.

Color Capabilities:

12 color broadsheet pages in one section or 24 color tabloid pages in one section.

Current press runs range from 500 to 1,000,000 copies.

Newspaper Printing Equipment:

12-unit Harris press with speeds up to 25K per hr. 

9-unit Harris press with speeds up to 25K per hr.

2 Computer to Plate (CTP) systems. Rock Built In-line trimmer. Muller inserting equipment. Kirk Rudy inkjet labeling equipment. HP color proofing.




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