If your looking for a unique alternative to traditional cards than folded business cards may a perfect fit for your business or organization. Occassionally called tent cards, folded business cards are used in a variety ways as an effective form of advertising. With twice as much space as traditional cards your folded cards could list schedules, additional services, discounts, appointment information, coupons, locations and much more. Folded cards can also be designed vertically or horizontally giving you creative options that take you beyond traditional business cards. Regardless of you industry, folded business cards from Stigler Printing provide the added versatility that allows to stand out from the crowd.

Folded Business Cards Uses:

Sports Schedules

Church Schedules

Music Schedules

Event Schedules

Location Maps

Loyalty Cards

Offers and Discounts

Appointment Cards

Offers and Discounts

Mico Brochure

Price List

Products List 

Service List

Price Lists 


50MB Max File Size