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Business Owners: Does Your Business Need Concealed & Open Carry Posters?

Effective January 1, 2016 in the state of Texas, it is now legal to carry firearms both openly and concealed, in public. Regardless of your personal or political views on this, business owners now have the option of making informed decisions to represent what they feel to be in the best interest of their business and patrons.

Stigler Printing is now offering posters available that meet Texas State Regulation for both penal codes (PC) 30.06 and 30.07. Here what you need to know:

· Texas Concealed Carry of Handguns 30.06 sign means no concealed carry allowed

· Texas Open Carry of Handguns Prohibited 30.07 sign means no open carry allowed.

           · Legal signs must be properly posted at each public entrance.

           · Sign must be displayed in a conspicuous manner clearly visible to the public.

· Signs only affect buildings or portion of building.  DOES NOT include any public or private driveway, street, sidewalk, or walkway, parking lot, parking garage, or other parking area.

· Both signs must be posted if neither Open Carry nor Concealed Carry are allowed

Even though this is the law in Texas, business owners and employers still reserve the right to allow or deny their employees and/or patrons to carry handguns on their property either concealed or in the open.


Employers Rights

  • Employer can say no to visitors carrying on their premises.  Posted sign required.
  • Employer can say no to employees carrying on their premises. Company policy may be verbal or written.
  • Employer can say yes to employees and no to visitors.  Posted sign required.
  • Employer can say yes to visitor and employee.


Ordering your concealed and open carry posters from Stigler Printing is quick and easy! 

Click here for:  Texas Concealed Carry of Handgun Prohibited Poster 30.60 

Click here for:  Texas Open Carry of Handguns Prohibited Poster 30.07 







4 Reasons Your Business Needs Retractable Banners 


Banners have been around as long as there have been things to advertise.  From the time of the Roman legionnaires, to the Medieval Kings and Queens of Feudal Europe, heralds have carried banners across the land to advertise their Lord's family, or wares.   

The retractable banners and banner stands of modern times are much easier to pack and take to your trade show or advertise in your office or headquarters.  Here are four reasons your business needs retractable banners: 


  1. Customizable - Our retractable banners stand out from the crowd with a custom design you provide or one any of our talented graphic designers create. From cutting-edge logos to memorable branding, our team of creatives can help your business be remembered through custom retractable banners. Or, if you prefer simplicity at its finest, our innovative and easy to use order form on the retractable banners product page allows you to upload your image and artwork for us to print on your banner. 


  1. Space Saving Retractable banners are space savers and completely portable! On display, they're just over 80 inches tall and 33 inches wide, so they're large enough to catch attention, but not so big as to be overwhelming. If you're carrying them from location to location, or storing them, they're easily portable and take up as much room in your car or office as your umbrella. 


  1. Free-Standing - Retractable banners are free-standing and look great as a stand-alone element! If you want to advertise your business or products at a sporting event, trade show, conference, or anywhere you can imagineyou are able to get your message out without having to be present and still create a lasting message for your business. 

  1. New Products - If you want your customers to recognize a new or promotional product you're advertising, or to just be aware of a specific message, retractable banners are the way to go!  They great your customers with a wealth of passive information and prompt inquires about those services to your business. 

To learn more or to order your retractable banners, click on this link or call us at 918-967-8768 today!