Custom bumpers stickers are an exiting marketing and promotional tool. We think of them like a rolling advertisements or mini billboards. Printed on durable, UV protected vinyl material Stigler Printing's bumper stickers are sure to stand up against mother nature.  Feeling creative? Click on "Custom Design" and design your own bumper sticker. Already have atwork ready to print? No problem, click on "Upload Design" and your done.

Fund Raising

If your looking to raise money for a good cause than consider bumper stickers. Selling them individually can easily pay for the cause of the printing and get you on your way to accomplishing your goals.

Who buys bumper stickers?

Booster clubs, Native American Tribes, politicians, churches, youth groups, bands, charities, health care companies, sports fans and people who just want to spread a message.

Application Tips

Prior to applying your bumper sticker always remember to clean the surface of the vehical with warm soap and water.  Avoid applying if the surface is hot to the touch or if temperature is below freezing. Most importantly, make sure the surface is dry and that you have your significant others approval.


10 x 3 Bumper Sticker50$ 99.00
100$ 157.00
250$ 206.00
500$ 299.00
1000$ 509.00
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Order today and receive a custom design from our award winning design department. Remember all designs come with unlimited revisions. Simply click on "custom" design" sketch your design and we will turn it into something amazing. Need assistance right away? No problem, call us today.


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